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Why AEG?

Aerie EDI Group “AEG” is a leader in providing consulting services and software solutions for the workers’ compensation industry. AEG’s automation software tools integrate with claims systems to enable clients to “Take control of their EDI”. Our team of experienced EDI professionals deliver services that allow clients to reduce their costs and efforts to implement and maintain EDI compliance. AEG services guide companies in understanding and seamlessly processing First Report of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI).  Our solutions improve compliance with states’ complex reporting, requirements, attaining proper performance standards and controlling overall reporting costs.

AEG’s goal is to provide solutions to proactively pre-edit data, validate data prior to submitting EDI transactions and to provide consulting services that will allow Customers to free up internal development resources.  The Company’s vision is to assist clients exceed the state’s EDI performance measures by providing the best-in-class systems for EDI reporting.


  • Executive leadership and founders of successful EDI software companies
  • Experience providing business and technical EDI consulting services and training to multiple states and over 300 claims administrators / claims software vendors. Implemented and managed Virginia’s original EDI program.
  • In production with IAIABC Release 1, 3, 3.1.
  • AEG provided consulting to Insurance companies & Claims Management System vendor to assist them develop their triggers, sequencing and population rules engine and build their EDI solution. Also assisted a company in researching, evaluating and documenting integration issues with their new claims and EDI systems and provided recommended system fixes, training, etc. to resolve issues and manage processes. 
  • Active IAIABC member involved in developing national EDI standards. Co-chairs of Systems, previously Claims, CMS, Medical and active in POC, XML and training. Awards: “Associate Member Award of Merit and Continuing Contribution”. 
  • Maintain relationships and currency with states’ EDI requirements.
  • Extensive EDI, internet, insurance and technology experience with a proven record of accomplishments and successful EDI implementations. 
  • USA Developers creating IAIABC EDI solutions since 1994
  • Vast industry knowledge and combined team experience:
            160 years working with EDI projects and systems,
            157 years working in the WC industry,
            141 years supporting the IAIABC EDI Standards.       

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