Software Services

Take control of your EDI


Aerie Data Validator (ADV)

ADV is used for Pre-validation/edits providing real-time immediate results to claims entry system for error and omission correction.  

ADV is used for Batch Edits with returned batch edit and omission results.

ADV is configurable to perform pre-edits then batch edits prior to state sends for an extra layer of certainty.

ADV is available as an AEG cloud solution or a client hosted solution.

Aerie Delivery Service (ADS)

ADS securely re-formats files into the state required formats (Release 1, 2, 3 and 3.1) and securely routes to the appropriate jurisdiction.  

ADS securely collects state acknowledgement files and other file types as required by state jurisdictions and securely routes to trading partners.

Rigorous Testing


 We perform meticulous quality checks on all software updates regardless of their scope and size.  Our commitment to thorough software testing means a quality product is delivered with each and every release.  

Quality Guaranteed


 The world of Workers Compensation EDI can be fast-paced and full of changes. Our goal is to provide high-quality, timely products that align with your company's needs. We take pride in providing professional and prompt customer service and guarantee you will be satisfied with our services.