“AEG’s tier-based per transaction fee and no annual licensing will cut our overall EDI vendor costs by more than 40%”

“AEG demonstrates commitment to cost-containment via frequent reviews and estimates of consulting time. ADV is priced appropriately and delivers value.”


“One of the main reasons we chose to partner with AEG was due to their high level of EDI expertise.”

“AEG provided a team of deeply experienced and committed individuals.” 


“AEG does not warehouse our claims data which limits the exposure to third-party entities.”


“Implementations have been seamless. ADV updates have been quick and efficient. It is always up and running and we have experienced no execution issues.”

“Request for new edits to the ADV are turned around quickly. Acceptance numbers have improved since moving to AEG.”

“We commend AEG for very rapid and effective turn-around-time for required Edits changes, which profoundly exceeded contractual commitments.” 

“AEG support staff has been very helpful assisting us with state jurisdiction issues, including the handling of trading partner agreements.”

“AEG has been exceptionally responsive in the contractual fulfillment, delivery, and support of ADV.”


“ADV is very fast and provides sub-second validation. Our previous vendors’ edit engine was slower and encountered periodic outages. AEG has given us more flexibility on how / when we file our EDI transactions.” 

“The ADV product quality is outstanding. It has performed well under stress, consumes computing resources appropriately. The attention to detail required to effectively mimic State Edits has been well executed.”

“The ADS product has been reliable in delivering transaction files to the appropriate state and IAIABC release format. It also returns acknowledgment files as soon as the state publishes them, which is quicker when compared to our previous vendor.”

“Integrating the ADT Tool into our solution allows our clients to keep processing consistent, while meeting state requirements.” 


“AEG’s consulting contribution to the project was both essential and highly effective. AEG’s deliverables were all produced on time and according to communicated

commitments.  AEG Consulting and ADV cut our EDI 3.0 implementation time in half.”

“In all areas of the project, from technology to consulting, they have demonstrated exemplary responsiveness and genuine interest in Client’s success.”