Aerie translation services

Client Hosted and AEG Hosted Solutions

The AEG translation services provides translation of IAIABC (Release 1, 3, 3.1, ACORD XML) files and AEG XML files to the required state formats.  Our translation services can be client hosted or AEG hosted.  Both deployment options eliminate data security concerns inherent in other EDI software solutions.  AEG maintains all third-party EDI licensing with the IAIABC and ACORD eliminating the associated client licensing costs.  

The Aerie Data Transformer (ADT) 

The Aerie Data Transformer (ADT) is a data translation service that alleviates the difficulty of developing and maintaining multiple IAIABC release/versions and formats including ACORD XML. The Java based product ensures support in any operating environment using WEB service calls and provides for easy implementation and seamless application integration. The ADT is a standalone product and does not require usage of other AEG services.  The client can choose to do their own internal transaction editing and delivery to the state or use other EDI vendor services.  The typical EDI vendor model would require the client to incur ongoing transaction fees along with all other potential fees related to EDI processing to perform the translation functions offered by AEG’s ADT.

                Options for FROI/SROI Conversions: 

  1. AEG Universal XML format that converts to any IAIABC release/version based on the state jurisdiction requirements (IAIABC 1, 3, 3.1, ACORD XML). 
  2. IAIABC Release 3.1 flat file conversion to ACORD XML based on the state jurisdiction requirements.  The ACORD XML requirements can vary from state to state. The ADT supports varying state ACORD XML requirements.  

                Options for Acknowledgement Conversion: 

  1. All types of IAIABC acknowledgements convert to the AEG Universal XML acknowledgement format simplifying development of acknowledgment processing. 
  2. ACORD XML acknowledgments convert to IAIABC 3.1 flat file.

                Options for ADT Deployment and Licensing:

  1. Client Stand-alone Single Site
  2. Client Site Hub and Spoke installation with remote access to multiple entities/locations
  3. Multiple Site

AEG Hosted Translation and Delivery Services 

The AEG Hosted Solution receives files and translates to the state required format (Releases 1, 3, 3.1 and ACORD) and delivers in the appropriate format to the state.  Acknowledgements are received from the state, translated if needed and delivered to client.  Data is not stored on AEG servers eliminating data security concerns. 

Other AEG EDI Solutions / Services: 

Aerie Data Validator (ADV) which can be hosted by the client or by AEG.  The ADV performs all IAIABC Claims EDI edits specified in jurisdiction Trading Partner tables and returns either acceptance if no errors were found or errors to be corrected by the client.  This includes Aerie Report Timeliness (ART), an enhanced function of the AEG acknowledgment process.  Client EDI transactions are evaluated to provide guidance and feedback on jurisdictions’ timeliness requirements.

Aerie Delivery Service (ADS) is in AEG hosted environment only. The ADS sends to and receives data from all states that support the IAIABC Claims EDI standard and can be used with or without client using other AEG products. 

Consulting Services from a knowledgeable team that understands Workers’ Compensation and EDI with the expertise to implement cost effective, timely solutions for Claims Administrators, State Jurisdictions and Claims Software Vendors.  AEG consulting includes all areas of EDI with a focus on automation to develop trigger and sequencing rules within client claims systems.


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